A collection often starts with a single idea, a mood, a concept. For our debut collection, we pay homage to la ciudad (the city).

This brand is built on the idea that everyone deserves to be free. To live, love and make change for the betterment of our world. There was nothing that better symbolised this idea than the city - a place we can be ourselves, find our truth and build our dreams. From this central idea, a collection was born....

Research + Development

Our design journey begins with thorough R+D. This season was inspired by the sights and sounds of the city. We scoured historical archives, old + new books, googled a LOT, and pulled together a series of images, textures, colours and moods that felt right for our debut collection.

Design + Sketch

With these foundations in inspiration, the design process can begin. Sketching can come in the form of free-form drawing on paper, or using CAD softwares to create technical representations that are factory ready. We often start with doodles (half-drawn, half-written) then flesh out these ideas in a digital form.

Fabric + Trim Development

While sketching the collection, we are often doing fabric + trim development simultaneously. For this season, the textures of the city (concrete, iron grates, painted brick) played an important role in fabric development, and guided our search for fabrics with surface interest -- translating to chunky ribs, combed cottons, plushy jerseys, among other things.

Sample + Test

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your vision come to life in the form of a garment sample. Once sampling is complete, we and wash/wear test these samples on a number of children, to gauge fit, comfort and durability. For this collection, we sampled 4 times, tweaking construction and design elements in response to our feedback from testers.


When we are happy with a finalised sample of our garment, we're ready to start production.

But where does it all get made?

We are so proud to have found a partner in Oh-Sew-Whitty, a small-batch production studio, located in the heart of Yorkshire, UK. By making our collection in the UK, we can be sure that our pieces are exceptionally well-made, by skilled technicians who are paid a fair, living wage.


Our quest to support local informs how we source our fabrics and trims. Wherever possible, we try our best to support UK suppliers. In our debut collection, we have sourced fabrics from two celebrated UK mainstays in fabric production.

Discovery Knitting is a family-run boutique knitting mill located in Leicestershire, specialising in sumptuously soft, ultra high quality, organic cottons and fleeces. Whaleys Fabrics, located in West Yorkshire, has been a trusted UK supplier since 1869, offering stunning woven qualities in a range of natural fibers.

We are proud to support UK manufacturing.